‘I absolutely love my J&J body,’ RPM Trucking owner says

Michael Ramusivich Jr. knows exactly what his business needs, and he found it with J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers.

“Customization is key to our industry,” said Ramusivich, who is the logistics coordinator and handles billing in addition to driving a dump truck for RPM Trucking, which he runs with his father, Michael Sr. “Being an owner/operator and having a small fleet of trucks, I am able to be in the truck and see what the truck needs. When you know what the demands are for the truck, you can set it up so that it will meet and surpass any need that you can have for it.”

When RPM Trucking was looking to buy two new dump bodies in 2019, they turned to J&J, and the owners of the suburban Pittsburgh company couldn’t be more thrilled with the decision.

“Purchasing two custom trucks, we decided to also go with fully customized bodies,” Ramusivich said. “We dealt with Bob Hall from J&J. The process was absolutely flawless. Bob met every one of our desires and needs. It was like hitting the nail on the head. The process was smooth.”

RPM Trucking works in and around a number of industries from construction and concrete work to gas wells and farm maintenance. The company even hauls salt in the winter for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. All of those enterprises were taken into account when the Ramusiviches decided how they wanted J&J to build their Material Hauler Aluminum EVO dump bodies on Peterbilt 389 chassis.

“When we spec the bodies out with Bob, one of the primary factors that went into every decision was what we can or cannot do with the body,” Ramusivich said during an interview at a Pittsburgh-based concrete facility. “J&J’s quality is second to none. Everything that we wanted, custom-ordered spec – it was met flawlessly. We wanted specialized lights, we wanted vibrators, we wanted a certain kind of hoist. Everything that we asked for was met.”

The J&J bodies have been hard at work for RPM since 2019, and Ramusivich couldn’t be more pleased.

“They’ve been working now for a little over two years, and they are holding up wonderfully,” he said. “I love my body. Ease of maintenance, looks are second to none, durability goes without question. I absolutely love my J&J body.”

The shine on the EVO bodies is clear evidence of how well RPM takes care of its vehicles.

“It takes a bit of effort, but the end result is definitely worth it,” he said. “You get a lot of looks, a lot of compliments, and ultimately, it gets a lot of work. People see the quality of equipment and they say, ‘We want them on our job. We don’t want somebody with a beat-up old truck.’ It works out well.”

Ramusivich said that J&J’s service after the build has been just as impressive as the job that Hall and Co. did in the lead-up to it. Part of what he loves about J&J is the manual that he received with the bodies, which details every part, making it easy for him to contact J&J Truck Equipment if a replacement is needed.

“There’s no second-guessing,” he said. “If something breaks or you need a part, you just call them up. Very easily, within five minutes, they have your parts. If we are in the area, we can swing by and pick them up. If they need to ship them to us, usually we have them in a day or two. It’s a wonderful process, dealing with J&J.”

J&J’s superb customer relations are part of what will have Ramusivich and his father coming back to J&J in the future.

“We have the two newer trucks and might be buying another truck in the next year or two. It will have a J&J body,” Ramusivich said. “One of our older trucks is showing some wear and tear. It might be getting replaced with a J&J body as well.”

Ramusivich knows how he would respond if a friend asked about buying a dump body from J&J.

“I would recommend J&J over just about anybody around,” he said.

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