Warranty Coverage

New products manufactured by J&J Truck Equipment are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under proper use, application, and maintenance for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of invoice or delivery (whichever is first) to the end-user.

J&J Truck Equipment’s obligation under this warranty is limited to, and the sole remedy for any such defect shall be the repair or replacement (at J&J Truck Equipment’s option) of unaltered products, components, or parts returned to J&J Truck Equipment, FOB their plant, provided such defect occurs within the above-stated warranty period and is reported within one (1) week of its occurrence.

If J&J Truck Equipment determines during service work that work is not the result of defective material or J&J Truck Equipment’s workmanship as warranted herein, the purchaser shall pay the time and expense, plus material costs of the performed work.

Implied Warranty Excluded

This is the only authorized J&J Truck Equipment warranty and is in lieu of all other express or implied warranties or representations.

Items Excluded

Components and parts purchased and used by J&J Truck Equipment in the manufacture of their products are warranted only to the extent the manufacturer warrants them to J&J Truck Equipment.

Warranty Claims

Warranty claims must be submitted and processed in accordance with J&J Truck Equipment’s established warranty claim procedure.

Warranty Service

Service will be performed at J&J Truck Equipment’s facility or other, as designated by J&J Truck Equipment. At the time of request for warranty service, evidence of the original date of invoice and delivery data must be provided.

Warranty Annulment

All obligations of J&J Truck Equipment shall be, null and void: (1) if the equipment has been operated beyond the factory recommended maximum capacity, (2) if failure or damage is incurred through neglect, lack of or improper maintenance, misuse, accident, or through any other cause beyond the control of J&J Truck Equipment or, (3) if the equipment has been altered or repaired by others without first obtaining authorization from J&J Truck Equipment.

Consequential Damages

The only remedies the purchaser has in connection with the breach or performance of any warranty on J&J Truck Equipment products are those set forth above. In no event will J&J Truck Equipment, any company affiliated with J&J Truck Equipment, or any distributor of J&J Truck Equipment products be liable for business interruptions, loss of sales and/or profits, rental or substitute equipment, costs of delay, or for any other special, incidental or consequential losses, costs or damages. The purchaser assumes all liability for all personal injury and property damage resulting from the handling, possession, or use of the products by the purchaser.

Representations Included

J&J Truck Equipment products are subject to no express, implied or statutory warranty other than herein set forth, and no agent, representative, or distributor of J&J Truck Equipment has any authority to alter the terms of this warranty in any way whatsoever or to make any representations or promises, express or implied, as to the quality or performance of J&J Truck Equipment products, other than those set forth above.

Service & Warranty Contacts

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